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Tesla Model X 2017 Review

2017 Tesla Model X P100D: HIGHS Intuitive convenience tech throughout Massive touchscreen Fast acceleration, smooth handling Well-executed driving assists Great forward visibility LOWS Poor rear visibility A few disappointing interior materials Somehow, Tesla made a name for itself in an era when hybrid cars were having a hard time resonating, …

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Lamborghini Unveils Terzo Millennio, a Self-Healing, Electric Supercar

The Terzo Millennio concept is what can happen when MIT gets in the car game. Terzo Millennio, the next generation of Lamborghinis could act as their own super-powered batteries and be able to repair themselves. Automobili Lamborghini Spa unveiled its Terzo Millennio (“third millennium”) concept car at the EmTech conference in Cambridge, …

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric – Cons & Pros – Review

In his 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations, Everett M. Rodgers defined five groups of individuals responsible for the adoption and eventual market penetration of a new idea or technology: the innovators, the early adopters, the early majority, the late majority, and the laggards. And as with any market-based technology, the electric vehicle’s …

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Lexus CT200h 2016 Review

Lexus CT200h If you’re into the relentless pursuit of fuel efficiency—but you can’t take the doorstop style of the Toyota Prius—the Lexus CT200h may be what you seek. Utilizing the same hybrid-powertrain technology as the Prius, the Lexus CT200h offers excellent fuel economy (we saw 36 mpg in our testing) and …

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Electric vehicles revolution has begun, Automakers accepted

The last several months have been busy in the electric vehicles revolution. Governments have been announcing their phase out plans for petrol vehicles and automakers have committed billions of dollars to electrification programs. At this point automakers are practically falling over each other racing to get out their announcements. How many electric vehicles …

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Honda Commits to Electrified Technology for Urban EV and Every New Model Launched In Europe

Urban EV Electrified technology will now feature in every new model launched by Honda in Europe Production version of Honda Urban EV Concept confirmed for 2019 CR­-V Hybrid Prototype – Honda’s first electrified SUV in Europe – launches 2018 Honda Power Manager energy transfer system undergoing European trials in Western …

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